The WTO has obliged Ukraine to cancel import duties on Russian fertilizers

ВТО обязала Украину отменить пошлины на российские удобрения

The world trade organization ordered the Ukraine until 15 September to abolish duties on Russian fertilizers

Arbitration, the WTO ruled that “a reasonable period” to implement the recommendations and decisions of the dispute settlement body in the case of “Ukraine – anti-dumping measures against ammonium nitrate”.

The WTO found that Ukraine should implement the decision until September 15, 2020.

The WTO explained that the Ukrainian measures violate the norms of the organization, and also Ukraine is obliged to eliminate the violation in calculating the dumping margin and lead the supplier EuroChem from the scope of the duties.

Ukraine asked for the maximum in the practice of WTO, the deadline of decision – 27 months, citing the need for changes in legislation and the complexity of implementation in the context of the current relations with Russia.

As noted by the Russian side, if Ukraine does not fulfill the decision within the prescribed period, Moscow will have the right to compensation or suspension of concessions in respect of Ukrainian goods.