The x factor season 10 issue 13: what struck the participants in the second live

On Saturday, December 7, was the second large-scale live show “X-factor”. Eight of the most talented participants proved to the judges and audience that they deserved to win in season 10.

In season 10 of “X-factor” star coaches were: famous singer Nastya Kamensky, producer Igor Kondratyuk, the flamboyant artist Olya Polyakova and popular in the image of Verka Serduchka – Danilko.

The theme of the second live – music of the 1990-ies and 2000-ies, so it was incredibly and vividly.

Also on stage the 10th season of the “X-factor” released: well-known Ukrainian group “Neangely” and the winner of season 6 of “X-factor” singer Melovin.

Opened a second live 10th season of the “X-factor” category “Groups” Andrey Danilko. “Furman trash polka band” sang the Bee Gees song “Stayin Alive”.

Danilko said that still can not fully remember the name of the group and even offered to shorten the name to “Furman band”.

The x factor season 10 issue 13 watch online: “Furman trash polka band”

Then conquered the category “Girls” of Igor Kondratyuk. He also offered to organize a flash mob with the tag “girls win”. Elina Ivashchenko performed the Beyoncé song “Single Ladies”.

During rehearsals, she has got a knee injury, so the coach Kondratyuk was very worried about the performance of the participants.

The x factor season 10 issue 13 watch online: Elina Ivashchenko

Third on stage 10 of the season “X-factor” was the category Nastya Kamenskih – “Guys”. Anton Velboy sang Jolly fellows “Pink Roses”. Judges are unable to sit in their seats and danced during a performance guy.

The participant admitted that the mother found his notebook from school where there was the inscription “X-factor”. After all he since the childhood was fond of this show.

The x factor season 10 issue 13 watch online: Anton Velboa

Group “Romax” next argued that worthy to reach the final 10 of the season “X-factor”. Wards of Andrey Danilko sang the Ukrainian version of the song Ricky Martin “Livin La Vida Loca”.

Igor Kondratyuk said that he considers this group one of the most interesting. And Nastya Kamenskikh was wondering how they can dance.

Olya Polyakova after the band’s performance immediately invited the saxophonist “Romax” work with the singer because she really liked her legs.

The x factor season 10 issue 13 watch online: “Romax”

Mentor Olya Polyakova presented the next member of his team “Older than 30”, which sang for the judges and the audience. Georgy Koldun Bon Jovi “It’s My Life”.

Participant shared that he has many fears, in particular with faith in their own strength. And that his brother, the famous singer Dmitry Koldun.

The x factor season 10 issue 13 watch online: George the Warlock

To sing in the second live the following came Mary Stopnik that the team of Igor Kondratyuk “Girls”. She sang the song Tree “the Boy is handsome”.

Igor Kondratyuk said that the song is ambiguous demonstration of the vocals, however, are looking to show the talent of artistry.

The x factor season 10 issue 13 watch online: Maria Stopnik

Anna Ivanjica, which team Olya Polyakova’s “Over 30” sang for the audience and the judges of the 10th season of the “X-factor”, the Madonna song “La Isla Bonita” with inset of the Ukrainian song “Oh I si Chorna, Chorna”.

She said that the guy does not support it, and also sets conditions: it leaves the project, or they rasstayutsya.

After the speech, Olya Polyakova said that this song imposed on the channel, although the mentor was against it. The only part of the speech, which satisfied the singer is performing Ukrainian songs.

The x factor season 10 issue 13 watch online: Anna Ivanjica

Completed live the 10th season of the “X-factor” ward Nastya Kamenskih – Artem Zabelin. He sang the song Earth, Wind & Fire “September”

Participant shared that he was raised by a mother and father left their family. He repeatedly felt that he was very lack of a father figure in my life.

The x factor season 10 issue 13 watch online: Artem Zabelin


What is X factor?
This is a music talent show, whose main purpose is identifying and developing the singing talent of the contestants. All participants chosen through public auditions. September 14, 2019, in Ukraine started the 10th season of the show “X-factor”.