The x factor season 9 watch 11 release online camp 10.11.2018

Х-фактор 9 сезон дивитися 11 випуск онлайн - табір 10.11.2018

Ukrainian show “X-factor” season 9 has already finished the unique votes of the country. 10 Nov 11 issue of “X-factor” held its first day of training camp that will force the participants who were given “Yes” at the auditions to act to limit their opportunities to prove they deserve to play in the air in the team of one of the star judges.

During the show “X-Factor” season 9 on the stages of the participants appeared, who tried to impress the judges and win their votes. Some participants, according to the judges, did not have a good vocal to participate in the project. Others, on the contrary, forced the jury enthusiastically watch the performance and listen to the magical voice.

The four judges who evaluated the participants, Nastya Kamensky, Oleg Vinnik, Dmitry Shurov (PIANOБОЙ) and Andrey Danilko will now be to select the “best of the best” in training camp show.

Your coveted “Yes” received 250 singers at the auditions of season 9 of the show “X-factor”, but half of them will go home. Today the jury will leave the project only 28 participants.

The first competition ahead for participants of the “X-factor”, called “30 seconds”. For half a minute, the performers have to sing a passage from a song in which to show their best side. The preparation they were given only 15 minutes, so panicked, the participants quickly began to prepare. On the stage with 5 members, each in turn performed a song. One by one the judges have identified the weak and left them.

The x factor season 9 11th edition watch online:

For the second phase all the participants, after the first contest, set for two. At this stage the battle began, after which every other singer has to leave the project. In addition, participants themselves chose the song as its rivals, so it was a hell of a challenge for all participants.

Х-фактор 9 сезон дивитися 11 випуск онлайн - табір 10.11.2018
Participants prepare for the vocal opposition

2 days exhausted and irritated the participants had already lost all hope, but was willing to do anything to destroy their rivals on stage.

The first confrontation came on the scene, EL Kravchuk, who performed the song Sia – “Unstoppable” and his opponent – Yuri Vasiliev that sang a song by the Eagles – “Hotel California”.

The x factor season 9 11 the issue: the confrontation between EL Kravchuk and Yuri Vasiltsev

The team of “the Mouth of the Crocodile” wanted copyright to sing the famous song by Svetlana Loboda “Your eyes”, but they are unable to do so, because it is not gathered. Their rival Pauline Poloneichik captivated the judges with a song and passed on.

Next, the participant Olga Tsepkalo sang the song LP – “Lost on you”, and its competitor, Alex Deribas sing Ed Sheeran – “Shape Of You”.

After that, the group “ZBSband” suddenly sang the song “5’nizza” – “Neva”.

The x factor season 9 issue 11: presentation of the group “ZBSband”

Next was Natalia Shevchenko (AbIe), sang the song Christina Solovey “Trymay” and its rival, Ivan Ischenko, who performed the band’s song “Friday” – “I am a soldier”.

The x factor season 9 11 the issue: the confrontation of Ivan Ishchenko and Natalia Shevchenko

The next speaker in the competition, the singers opponents mark Savin and Margarita, Dainenko. She performed the song Tina Karol “‘ll Draw you the stars”, and the guy sang the song “Sorry Seems to Be”.

The group “Motor roll” originally sang the song Philip Kirkorov “Color mood blue” and his opponent – “Violet” performed the song disco band Modern Talking – “Cheri, Cheri Lady”.

X-factor 9 season 11 issue: opposition groups “roll Motor” and “Violet”

She was followed by another couple of competitors, the Frenchman Paul Manongs and Olga Gokova. The man had to sing a song, “Hold on, train”, but was changed with the other party and sang a song Bryan Adams – “Everything I Do”. His rival sang a song Tina Karol – “Nino”.

Next opponent: the “Square Universe” and the “Cherry Mary”. First original song – “If you do not have aunts”, however, before the project took only soloist. After them was Pyotr Gerasimov, who has not got a pair. The guy sang the song “darkie”.

100 participants fought for their dream. The judges ‘ decision must be unanimous, so they began to doubt.

The judges divided all the participants in the different buses and one of them went home. The jury announced the names of 28 of the lucky ones who will continue to fight for the victory. Now the pleased participants for the night to prepare for the next stage in training camp. See next Saturday.

The x factor season 9 11th edition watch online: full release badlv training camp

X-FactorIs a music talent show, whose main purpose is identifying and developing the singing talent of the contestants. All the contestants are selected through public auditions. September 1, 2018, in Ukraine started the 9th season of the show “X-factor”.

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