The x factor season 9 – who went 08.12.2018 – watch online

Х-фактор 9 сезон - хто пішов 08.12.2018 - дивитися онлайн

After 15 release of the ninth season of the “X-factor”, which was broadcasted on STB TV-channel 8 December 2018, the show left another two members – Ivan Ishchenko and Pauline (Polina Poloneichik). Thus the struggle for the title of “X-factor” continue to only 6 participants.

14 edition of the show “X-factor” season 9 two participants were unable to perform the songs accompanied by a Symphony orchestra.

In the ninth season, changed the rules of elimination in the air. According to the results of the audience vote which will open after the performances of all participants in the category will fall from three artists. They will perform the song “for life”, after which the judges of the show will be able to save from dropping one. The audience the vote will be more than one hour, as before, and the usual ad unit.

Each judge coached a separate category of participants:

  1. category “Group” Nastya Kamenskih (“ZBSband”, “Duke Time”).
  2. the category of “young Men” – Danilko (Ivan Ischenko, Peter Gerasimov, Dmitry Volkanov).
  3. category “Girls” – Oleg Vinnik (PAULINE, Olga Garin).
  4. the category of “Over 30” – Dmitry Shurov (mark Savin).

The last live Grand show left just three members – Margaret Dvoyanka (coach Oleg Vinnik), Olga Tsepkalo (coach – Dmitry Shurov) and the group “Jazzforacat” (coach – Nastya Kamensky).

The x factor season 9 15 release watch online: the results of voting of spectators (video will come later)

Today, the results of the audience voting in a nomination for the departure came three more artist – Ivan Ishchenko (coach Andrei Danilko), Olga Imura (coach Oleg Vinnik) and Pauline (coach Oleg Vinnik).

The first song “for life” extraordinary sang Polina (Polina Poloneichik). She sang her own song

Next came the charismatic Ivan Ishchenko, who sang a song of the group “Chizh & Co” – “And not to sing me a song.” The past made incendiary Olga Imura with the song AC/DC – “Highway to Hell”.

The x factor season 9 issue 13 watch online: the song “for life” Pauline (video will come later)

The x factor season 9 issue 13 watch online: the song “for life” by Ivan Ischenko (video will come later)

The x factor season 9 issue 13 watch online: the song “for life” Olga Jmoore (video will come later)

Oleg Vinnik voted for their pupils Olga Imuro, Andriy Danylko voted for his party – Ivan Ishchenko. Dmitry Shurov has chosen Pauline, and the decisive voice Nastya Kamensky went for Olga Imuro.

In a vote of the judges, only Olga Imura (coach Oleg winnick), and a great show left two members – Ivan Ishchenko and Pauline.

X-FactorIs a music talent show, whose main purpose is identifying and developing the singing talent of the contestants. All the contestants are selected through public auditions. September 1, 2018, in Ukraine started the 9th season of the show “X-factor”.

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