“The years take their toll”: fans harshly criticized Pamela Anderson

"Годы берут свое": фанаты жестко раскритиковали Памелу Андерсон

Known 51-year-old American model and Hollywood actress Pamela Anderson attended the gala evening “Chocolate & fashion”, which was held in one of the restaurants in the German city of Cologne. However, this time fans of the stars picky reacted to her image and mind as a whole, reports ONLINE.UA.

Exit the actress wore a sexy dress with an asymmetrical cut pale pink color with open neckline, which emphasized the bust of Pamela. Interestingly, Pamela was not only the guest of the evening, but danced a passionate dance with his partner on the show “dancing with the stars” Maxim Diamesa.

Most fans of the Hollywood diva began to criticize her appearance, focusing on the fact that her beauty is fading, and the plastic surgery that the actress had done before, accelerate this process.

“Yes, the years take their toll the time spares no one; unfortunately, the natural beauty you ruined plastic; she is an incredible woman, and you’re just jealous; magical way, however, Pamela is not the one; Anderson is a sex symbol of the whole epoch! how can you criticize it?; Yes, she is no longer young, but still very attractive,” write the users of the network in the comments to the photo.