The young hacker was not so smart

Молодой хакер оказался не так уж умен

The cyber-police has exposed the 20-year-old resident of Khmelnytsky.

“Employees of Podolsk Department of police, together with investigators of the city of Khmelnitsky, Khmelnitsky procedural guidance the local Prosecutor’s office exposed the 20-year-old boy in an illegal intervention in work of computers”, – is spoken in the message of the police.

He steals the information stored on the victim’s computer. Sold it to specialized hacker forums. Now the issue of declaring his suspicion.

“Among the stolen information employees of the postal and telecommunications found user names and passwords to social networking accounts, e-mailboxes, exchanges, cryptocurrency, profiles of Internet banking and other sensitive information. In the future the data the attacker was sold at the thematic hacker forums”, – reported in the Department of police.

At the place of residence of the young man the police raided and seized computer equipment he used to commit offences. It is directed for examination.