The young king Ntarama. The success story of the developer of the social network, which now enjoys a billion people

Молодий король Інстаграму. Історія успіху розробника соцмережі, якою нині користується мільярд людей

One of the most influential magazines in the world Fortune released its annual rating of the most successful young leaders of the world. The list was headed by 34-year-old Kevin Systrom, founder and CEO of one of the most popular social networks in the world — Instagram. Now as men reach half a billion dollars, the newspaper “Express”.

Kevin Systrom was never an outstanding student or a programmer. “But I learned enough to be dangerous. And this is important for an entrepreneur not to be the best, and be dangerous,” says the young billionaire of his achievements.

The number of users Instagram has grown to a billion. And how it all began?

The fateful video game

Kevin grew up in a family of a recruiter and marketology in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. When the boy was 12, he was fascinated by the video game “Doom II”. The guy saw her flaws and wanting to correct them independently, began to study programming. “Thanks to this game I came to the field of computer technology,” says the billionaire in an interview.

“I enjoyed everything and nothing specific — says SISTROM. — In high school raved about the idea of being a DJ.” He also developed flyers for DJs and has played DJ sets at parties.

One day at school, Kevin received the assignment to read the book “the Latest Novelty: the history of Silicon valley.” This inspired him to develop in the field of programming. The guy continued education. Systrom went to Stanford, studied management and engineering. Then it became to exercise entrepreneurial talents.

“I noticed that at the end of the year students want to get rid of abseitslage good, and in the beginning of the semester while others are willing to buy it,” says Kevin. And then, having mastered the basics of site creation, the guy launched the service on which the approximately eight thousand students bought and sold things for dorms and training.

However, it became crucial for photography courses in Florence. During one of the lessons, the teacher took Kevin a conventional digital camera. But presented the film “Holga” makes square photos. The image of such camera later became the logo of Instagram.

Молодий король Інстаграму. Історія успіху розробника соцмережі, якою нині користується мільярд людей

 The idea of the beach

After completing University, Systrom went to work in the marketing Department of Google.

“In 2008 the US economy began to crumble, can be had for a pittance to buy promising companies. I was camping on the doorstep of his boss with proposals to buy a particular firm, but only heard “no” — says the millionaire. — Then he said, “let’s Go play Golf”.

After that, Systrom quit. “I brought myself to two rules, — said Kevin. First: surround yourself with people who inspire you. Second, I don’t play Golf”.

After saying goodbye to Google the guy worked in a startup Nextstop, adept at programming and decided to create an app where users can publish instant photo and mark its location. Worked nights and developed an app Burbn.

In 2010, interested in the idea, two major investors have promised to give Kevin $ 500 thousand if he can find a partner.

Systrom invited to a work friend from Stanford, Mike Krieger.

“We started working together and created a new app, said Systrom. But he was so slow that people just couldn’t wait to use it! 80 users is a failure!” Kevin didn’t know what to do next.

One day he went with his beloved to rest. In Mexico they strolled along the beach and talking about photos in social networks. “I don’t publish a photo because you don’t know how to make them beautiful,’ said Nicole. — As my friend Greg, for example. Have you seen how amazing his pictures?”

“Greg uses the mobile application with filters, you don’t know? — responded Kevin. “Seriously? You have to develop such filters for the photo!” — said Nicole.

Systrom went back to the hostel, I remembered a photography class in Florence and created your first filter, which is now a billion users is known by the name Kelvin.

Within 8 weeks she and Mike developed the first version of Instagram (eng. Telegram instant — an instant telegram).

Молодий король Інстаграму. Історія успіху розробника соцмережі, якою нині користується мільярд людей

 The beginning of a stellar time

The app launched at 00.30 6 October 2010. And just as soon as it downloaded 25 thousand users!

“I remember I leaned on your shoulder Mike and said, “I think this is what happens.” And he said, “Uh, I don’t know.” Mike is pragmatic, I’m the eternal optimist. That’s the tandem we have,” says SISTROM.

Startups did not expect such an influx. They launched the app on the server that was half as powerful than a normal tablet.

“If you have something you just launched, in any case, do not read reviews in social networks. says SISTROM. Is a large demorest. They laughed at us, creating memes about us. I understand that it is not worth listening to, people like or dislike your job. It is necessary to watch using it. That’s the main criterion.”

Programmers have perfected the application. In two months it registered a million people per year — 10 million. Now a billion of daily users clicked on your phone-important for the entrepreneur icon “Holga”. And the value of Instagram reaches 100 billion dollars!

“Good products sell themselves”, — said the billionaire. About Stroma say: he is not afraid to take risks. And therefore we can assume that he is — still a lot of achievements.

Молодий король Інстаграму. Історія успіху розробника соцмережі, якою нині користується мільярд людей


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