The youth asks to save it from the excesses of the military registration and enlistment offices and draft boards (photo)

Молодежь просит спасти ее от бесчинства военкоматов и призывных комиссий (фото)

Kiev, graduated from high bakalavrlar, was summoned to the draft Board, where they are, despite education Ministry and armed forces General staff agreement on deferment from service for admission to the master’s degree, was drafted into the army. Although the people was the “without of things”, after the decision of the Commission, they have limited freedom of movement and pointed out the place to sleep. The police came several times to the challenges of illegal deprivation of liberty, military to the territory is not allowed, say the Facts.

About this situation, which this week hit just nine recruits from the Darnytsa district of Kiev, Facebook announced, in particular, Giorgi Veshapidze and Igor Drozd. According to them, both finished bakalavrlar (Academy. Glier and the University of culture) and was preparing to enter a master and gave statements to the draft Board. But they refused to grant a stay, because these recruits at the time of the appeal have not yet become formal applicants – that is, the documents for admission the universities have not accepted. Some time after young people in the city draft Board, they handed the agenda to the Assembly point.

What is the current situation? As you know, in connection with quarantine restrictions and other measures anticolonialism spring prizes from April-June by the decree of the President was postponed to may-July. But the opening campaign in connection with the same was postponed to August. As a result, potential students are unable to receive help from the universities for deferment at the time of the opening campaign, and their call in the army. It should be noted that in the Cabinet about the conduct of the recruitment campaign clearly stated: appeal 18-19 year olds is possible only upon their written request. And in early June the acting Minister of education (at the time) Lubomir Manzi stated that they agreed with the defense Ministry until the fall to call alumni. Despite this, many graduates under the age of 20 years, complain that they sent the agenda and not allowed to continue their studies. Often “caught” the graduates of colleges and technical schools that qualify for the diploma it is necessary to affix the seal of the military in a bypass sheet – instead of printing they receive the agenda.

The situation tried to fix in the General staff, in early summer resolvem explanations recommending the military and enlistment commissions to work more closely with authorities and institutions of education to receive information about who wishes to continue training the recruits. As well as the requirement to provide such recruits (in their written statement) the deferment until 1 October. A similar letter to the heads of oblasts and Kyiv headed the Office of the President of Ukraine to establish close cooperation of local authorities, the military and educational institutions to provide interested persons the opportunity to receive education in universities, not in the army. However, PP did so only on July 7, when the call-up campaign, in contrast to the entrance, has passed for equator.

– The decision on appeal or deferment from it is accepted by the commissions, in which only one representative from the recruiting office. And Chairpersons of the committees are the Deputy heads of regional administrations. Therefore, to blame the military in that they take students into the army, – incorrect, – told the “FACTS” in the service of public relations of Land forces of the APU.

We have appealed to the Ministry of education and science proposals to develop a common certificate for granting a deferral. MES has sent instructions to universities to issue a certificate stating that so-and-so has expressed a desire to enter the University. Deputy head of President’s Office sent recommendations to the heads of the regional commissions to provide grace to those who intend to enter higher education. Therefore, those who want to obtain such a delay, it is necessary to apply to the district Commission with a statement and a certificate from the University. Then the district Commission will be to request a deferral before the regional and the Kyiv city commissions. However, we will remind, the decision is taken not by a military Commission of several members, among whom only one soldier, takes it collectively.

MES “FACTS” reported that the universities and institutions predischarge of education were sent a letter, which the admissions Committee is mandated to issue certificates to the students before the start of the opening campaign.

However, the Ministry only did it on 7 July. By this time the military, in pursuit of the “implementation plan” has sent out subpoenas and sent to the Commission, the majority of recruits. And many of them enlistment commissions illegal, but successfully issued a summons to the army – despite the fact that many recruits are under the age of 20 years. Recall that the decision of the Cabinet such young people may be called only upon their written request. What about those who have the right to defer, but to use them they do not have time because of the sluggishness of the officials or failed because they ignored the government Directive?

APU representatives unofficially said the “FACTS” that in such cases it is necessary to write complaints about the actions of the commissions in… themselves to the Commission. But because it is meaningless, it is better to go to court to appeal against the decision of the draft Board faster and try to get help from the University. Also, if we turned 20 years old, and he was taken into the army without his consent, it is possible, other than the court to try to file a complaint to the police about the illegality of the decision of the Commission violated the government order N179-p 26.02.2020, in the fifth paragraph which clearly States: “the Conscription of citizens of Ukraine in the age of 18-19 years to carry out at their request (by written statement)”.

Молодежь просит спасти ее от бесчинства военкоматов и призывных комиссий (фото)

Молодежь просит спасти ее от бесчинства военкоматов и призывных комиссий (фото)

Молодежь просит спасти ее от бесчинства военкоматов и призывных комиссий (фото)

Молодежь просит спасти ее от бесчинства военкоматов и призывных комиссий (фото)

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