The ZAZ-968M was turned into a supercar for $11 thousand

ЗАЗ-968М превратили в суперкар за $11 тысяч

The owner of the ZAZ-968M was obviously crazy about mid-engined supercars of yesteryear. And now it’s time to make your dream a reality. And the basis of the future car he took his old “Zaporozhets”, according to Sagalasos

Work has begun to boil. From “emka” intact migrated only the doors, windshield and headlights. Everything else was radically changed. Look at those front fenders c excrescence, on the grille with the letter “Z”.

But all this is minor compared to the fact that the machine did next. The body turned into a coupe – the rear part of the roof cut and lengthened her bold side fins. The rear wall of the cab is decorated with a small vertical window, like many supercars.

But that’s not all. The ZAZ-968M was lengthened by 11 cm wheelbase. This is not done just so the engine shifted forward. As a result, the car was mid-engined and the distinctive air intakes on the newly-minted cover of the hood.

As for the native “air vent”, it is also modernized – reduced combustion chamber, put “the Zhiguli” the carb. In the end, the power of the engine is brought up to 50 “horses”. Gearbox took on LUAZ and equipped its fifth transmission.

If we talk about a double cabin, there is, first of all, attracts attention a new dashboard made of wood. Before the eyes of the driver flaunt five spectacular dials of the instrument panel and dvuhseriynyy steering wheel with a thick rim.

This wonderful coupe from the ZAZ-968M located in Ufa and put up for sale for 11 thousand dollars.

ЗАЗ-968М превратили в суперкар за $11 тысяч

ЗАЗ-968М превратили в суперкар за $11 тысяч