Their hands: the Recipe for homemade cottage cheese from sour milk in an hour

Своими руками: Рецепт домашнего творога из прокисшего молока за час

In the era of urbanization and globalization, we try to spend less time on buying and cooking and forget the traditional recipes and culinary tricks. For example, a fermented milk product like cheese, even has a few ways of cooking: having tried them all, you can choose the most suitable, said Today.

There are two main options for making cottage cheese from sour milk. First: fresh milk you just need to leave in a dark and warm place, and you can add him as a starter yogurt, sour cream or milk. The speed and the result will depend on the quality of milk.

You can also use kefir, which is also placed in a warm place. When it begins to separate serum, it is possible to accelerate the process, heating the mixture on a quiet fire. It only remains to separate the coagulated proteins from the whey, placing them in a colander or cheesecloth.

The second variant of the folding of milk to cheese is almost instantaneous. Lactic acid can be replaced by any other, such as lemon. So it is enough to add in the heated milk a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice and separate the serum – and just over an hour from the milk turns curd.

Three quarts of milk and leave to sour at Bank Bank. You can add fresh sour cream, yogurt or a crust of black bread, so it quickly turned sour. When will the yogurt (1-2 days), separate the liquid serum from the clot. For this part of the serum gently drain out of the jar with yogurt, and the remaining clot pour into a clean linen bag, which has a cone shape.

The bag hang over any utensils and leave it for 6-8 hours. During this time the whey is gradually drained from yogurt. Place the bag of curds into a press with a weight of 3-5 kg in 5 hours will be tender cottage cheese (only released 500 g). It will not crumble, and will break off in large layers.

To make the cheese drier than in the first recipe, 3 liters of sour milk in a jar, put in a saucepan with water and heat to simmer. After 2-3 minutes when the water boils, the whey will remain at the bottom and a clot of curdled milk will be at the top. It is important not to overheat the curd, otherwise the curd will become hard and unpleasant to the taste, as sour milk brew.

Carefully discard the serum, and a clot of curdled milk is put into a linen bag. In the same way as in the first recipe, let the curds drain for 6-8 hours and the desire to put under the press for 5 hours. Get thick curd.