“Then I will be a good wife!”: Alla Pugacheva in his 44 years he had predicted his old age

«Тогда я стану хорошей женой!»: Алла Пугачева в свои 44 года предсказала свою старость

The diva managed to become a family man only 5 years ago, when Alla-born children.

Very talented and world famous singer Alla Pugacheva only in 65 years, I realized what real women’s happiness and family hearth. And do all tend to think that Alla singer and is constantly on tour, but after the birth of Lisa and Harry, the prima Donna went into home life. See hypnotherapy with apron and ladle – was beyond comprehension. Philip never saw the Alia, which is now lectric Maxim Galkin.

“Gentle, caring, kind, home, air”, – Alla Borisovna was the name of her younger children. But remember when the imperious Diva decided to be in show business, and who will never become an artist. It was rumored, to the extent that it is in the 90-ies helped the criminal authorities “to keep a common Fund.” Whether it actually – is not known.

Recent commemorative programs dedicated to the 70-year-old Alla Pugacheva put everything in its place. It turns out that Alla Pugacheva in his 44 years he had predicted his old age. Fans of Alla Pugacheva “dug up” video, dated 8 March 1993, where Alla congratulated all women on the holiday. During the interview, she shared details of its long-standing traditions.

“I have my own holiday. The first Sunday of spring. This time he goes on March 7 and then everybody keeps coming to me at 12 o’clock with yellow flowers. We organize trips to some kind of software in General…This holiday I’m doing a long time, with youth. And the 8th of March – and has remained for me my mother’s day, now it is for me it’s a bit sad, because I go to the cemetery or something…So I want to congratulate especially all the moms and let these moms will be happy with their children…”, – says Alla.

“What do you appreciate in men?”, – asks the journalist.

“A-AH?(laughs) man, a Man, a real man. Not only visibility, but also because it needs to be indulgent to our whims. It needs to be strong not physically strong but his spirit. It needs to be, as my grandmother used to say, independent man. I somehow remember it and appreciate it. Not greedy, not greedy, even if he’s poor – he should not be greedy. If he is rich, he shouldn’t be greedy. Because a man should be able to be generous, to be able to share and be an example in everything”, – confessed Diva.

“Suppose this happened, but God forbid, of course, that you don’t have to sing, to write music. What else you can really do in life?” – asked the interviewer.

“Oh, well I can…Then I’ll be a good wife and hostess! Because it is also necessary to be able to. And the time it takes, willing and able. My father, and financially. Oh, what a nightmare!”, – grabs face and the prima Donna of the Russian stage.

If to draw an analogy, it immediately becomes clear that in an interview, Alla speaks about a future that has now become a reality. The Diva a caring husband, a diversified children and many grandchildren. It would seem, a house full Cup. But the gift, inherited from her grandmother, not always talked good about the future, and sometimes even frightened singer. For example, the grandson of Alla – Nikita Presnyakov admitted that when he was going to tour with Alla in the former USSR countries, it all of a sudden said this morning that wouldn’t fly. Half an hour after takeoff the plane crashed, the survivors, unfortunately, there is not.

Alla also saved the life of her daughter Christina Orbakaite. Girl spree with Beau and decided to od on the boat on a sea trip. Alla firmly stated that Christina will not go on the deck. An hour later the ship was in distress, some people drowned.

And the songs of Igor Nikolaev about Heartbreak and unrequited love – Alla in General gave Philip Kirkorov. Very often the prima Donna was afraid to take the text due to the fact that he foretold their future, including a divorce with the Queen.

It turns out that the gift of foresight Alla from birth. In his greeting, she remembered grandmother with a kind word. Most likely, she still is her guardian angel and predicts possible outcomes of certain events.

«Тогда я стану хорошей женой!»: Алла Пугачева в свои 44 года предсказала свою старость

«Тогда я стану хорошей женой!»: Алла Пугачева в свои 44 года предсказала свою старость

«Тогда я стану хорошей женой!»: Алла Пугачева в свои 44 года предсказала свою старость