There are details and date of farewell to a great racer F-1

Появились подробности и дата прощания с великим гонщиком F-1

In St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna on 29 may will be held a farewell ceremony for the three-time world champion of Formula 1 Nicky Laudau. This is the website

Lauda will be buried at the Central cemetery in the Austrian capital, near to mother. It is also reported that the legendary athlete will be buried in a suit.

Help “News”. Niki Lauda was born in Vienna in 1949. His parents were wealthy and wanted to become an entrepreneur. However, Lauda since childhood, became fascinated with auto racing.

Famous racer struggled with health problems since his crash in 1976. The athlete crashed his Ferrari on the Nurburgring Nordschleife race in Germany. Lauda was left in a burning cabin for 55 seconds, getting burns and inhaling toxic fumes.

He returned to racing, won two titles, led a team of Formula 1. In addition, Lauda set up his airline. He has consistently been on the command bridge of the Mercedes, who won all the championship titles in 2014. Lauda suffered a lung transplant in the summer of 2018 and thereafter stopped attending the Formula 1 races.