There are details of the “Tragedy of Macbeth” Joel Coen

Появились подробности о «Трагедии Макбета» Джоэла Коэна

Composer Carter Burwell, who is a regular partner of the Coen brothers, in an interview with IndieWire revealed the details of the filming of Joel Cohen’s “Tragedy of Macbeth” based on Shakespeare’s play.

“Josh has shot at least half, and last week he sent me a few shots. I read the script, and it’s not like they changed the story compared to that in the play. But it will be interesting to see the changes. This is a wonderful adaptation, which transformeres movie with visual abilities. The film is always moving forward. You are in constant motion toward the junction, which is difficult to realize on stage. He filmed in the halls so as not to be distracted from reality. It’s not like Scotland. It has more psychological realism. However, a theatrical production, is also not similar. Joel compared it with German expressionism. You are in the psychological world, it is clear from the very beginning”, – quotes the edition Burwell.

Joel Cohen shoots for the first time without my brother Ethan decided to work on another project. Spouses of Macbeth on screen embody Denzel Washington and McDormand. Filming started in February in Los Angeles, but in March, the pandemic is in the early stages they were suspended. Release date is still unknown.

Появились подробности о «Трагедии Макбета» Джоэла Коэна