There are health condition that doctors cannot explain

Есть такие состояния здоровья, которые медики не могут сразу объяснить

In modern medicine seem to have already described all the possible States, symptoms and diseases. However, some phenomena still defies explanation. That’s why the doctor sometimes for a long time can not put a diagnosis, again and again, causing the person to pass a variety of examinations, tests. Even now there are such diseases, which are considered a real medical mystery. Some of them will be discussed in the material Medicforma.

Allergy to red meat

Once the experts in the field of Allergy and infections found in red meat the molecule alpha-Gal, which can cause anaphylaxis. Such a reaction to pork, beef, lamb, made in America, was recorded in the South-Eastern United States. It is noteworthy that almost all victims of this Allergy was bitten by mites from the family Isakovich.

Allergy to red meat is difficult to explain the condition. In addition, the reaction occurs only after four to six hours after eating red meat. While conventional anaphylaxis manifests itself through a maximum of half an hour. Strange allergies rather accompany typical Allergy symptoms, red skin rash, itching, nausea, swelling. And the usual tests for allergies will not show the presence of molecules of alpha-Gal, because the diagnosis of the majority of people are simply wrong.

Aversion to Smoking in hepatitis

Many people know about nicotine addiction, which develops pretty quickly. But the aversion to Smoking is still considered strange, difficult to explain the condition. It is noticed among patients with hepatitis a who suddenly start to tolerate tobacco smoke. Often the condition is accompanied by symptoms: muscle pain, itching, vomiting, anorexia and fatigue. After that, the hepatitis disrupts the liver, gastrointestinal tract. And despite the fact that the aversion to Smoking is already recognized as a symptom of hepatitis A, to explain the mystery of medicine and no one else could.

The syndrome of sleep

In this condition, the person may sleep quite a long time, as you may have guessed from the title. Another disease called “syndrome of Rip van Winkle” as the hero of the fantastic novel by Irving, which tells of the inhabitants of the village who had slept through 20 years. Of course, like in real life not happened, but there are, though rare, stories of long sleep. So, people are able to sleep 20 hours a day for up to two more months. This condition is difficult to explain, as in medicine there is still no research indicating the nature of such symptoms.

There is one real case. 12-year-old American began to sleep for 20-23 hours a day after experienced a prolonged lung infection. But during sleep his brain is fully functioned. Only 20 years later a similar malady itself disappeared.

Also there are stories when people sleep for more than two months for 22-24 hours. If they Wake up, it’s only a few hours. At this time, they were in a state of sleepwalking, felt hallucinations, they have increased appetite. People seemed more childish and overexcited. Thus any other symptoms and signs of disease were absent. And still no one can explain.

The student syndrome-doctor

The first such case was recorded in 1908, and the mass gained in the mid-20th century. Then the students of medical institutions began to experience the symptoms of those diseases that they studied. Syndrome is a generalized anxiety disorder. The signs of his passing. And still the doctors suffer guessing as to explain.

There are even assumptions: students just inspire yourself psychological scheme, based on the study. Some are even able to feel the physical symptoms of the disease they are studying. About 80 percent of future doctors are faced with a similar condition.

Cellular memory of the donor

There are cases when people with transplant organs began to experience the same feelings, habits, and donors, have changed their way of life. For example, after heart transplantation the patient had dreams about the donor who is already dead, took over his addiction. Researchers believe that this can be explained by cellular memory, with this many doctors believe this hypothesis is very controversial. Thus, such condition still remains difficult to explain.

Sudden resurrection

Or the Lazarus effect. It’s so rare in medicine, because it seems rather strange – patients can Wake up after 15-30 minutes of active pulmonary resuscitation, blood in their bodies returning to normal. Such cases are first noticed in the 80-ies of the last century. And the state is called the Lazarus effect, after the biblical character whom Jesus Christ raised on the fourth day after death. Health condition in which a person is alive, still defies explanation.

Disease Klippel-Trenaunay

This disease is congenital and represents damage to the bones, blood vessels and soft tissues. Because of this, grow and increase the form of bones, tissues, appears birthmark red hue, varicose veins. In the result of increase of the hands and feet, the body becomes awkward and asymmetrical. But now there is no cure for the disease, since its cause is difficult to explain.