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З'явилися нові подробиці про місію, що прямує до Меркурія - Техно 24

The BepiColombo mission has successfully completed testing scientific instruments. Probes sent to mercury in October 2019, but before the goal they get only in 2025. While the machine is about 1.5 years ablutio the Ground.

This was reported by “Popular mechanics”.

20 October from Kourou cosmodrome launched a carrier rocket “Ariane-5”, that carries the apparatus BepiColombo. Devices mission with 16 scientific instruments.

Monday, December 3, has been completed test include devices PHEBUS and MSASI. PHEBUS is a UV spectrometer, mounted on the Mercury Planetary Orbiter is designed to study the composition and dynamics of the mercurial ectosphere, a very tenuous gas envelope of the planet.” MSASI is a device that is needed to obtain information on the distribution of sodium atoms in the exosphere of mercury, their temperatures and sources.


For the delivery of probes to mercury corresponds to the module with four ion engines. According to the project plan, the goals, the devices will not be available until the end of 2025; after that, the probes will be in different orbits around mercury and study the planet for at least a year.

What is known about the mission BepiColombo? BepiColombo is a mission developed by the European space Agency and Japanese aerospace exploration Agency. The mission involves two probes, the European apparatus of the Mercury Planetary Orbiter (MPO) and the Japanese camera Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter (MMO). The mission will carry out a comprehensive study of mercury: magnetic field, magnetosphere, structure and surface.

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