There are new renders of LG ThinQ G8

Появились новые рендеры телефона LG G8 ThinQ

OnLeaks revealed the full rendering of the LG ThinQ G8, but the head of LG Electronics Ken Hong has denied it, saying that product on the rendering is not the G8 ThinQ. Today editor XDA Mishal Rahman presented a new rendering, which looks like a G8 ThinQ.

According to Rahman, these images come from anonymous sources. The rendering image shows that LG ThinQ G8 is equipped with dual rear camera instead of the three cameras V40 ThinQ. In addition, LG ThinQ G8 is equipped with a sink, a fingerprint reader on the back.

The overall frame of the device already, the volume button on the left side of the device, the button is highlighted Google Assistant and power button located on the right side.

The phone is previously leaked in the visualizations include a 6.1-inch display. Currently, information about the new mobile phone LG a bit, saying that it will be equipped with the technology of Sound-on-Display.

XDA said that LG ThinQ G8 has already made a request to Ken Hong from LG Electronics and will update this post if I get an answer.

During the marketing of its flagship ThinQ LG G7, LG has also started to focus on developing the next generation of its smartphone. Although the new plan LG will launch next year.

The G8 will be the first flagship with 4K-screen company, which has already rumors about other smartphones by LG and Samsung. LG is betting on a resolution of Quad HD since the launch of the G3 in 2014. Apparently, it’s time to take a step forward.

As already mentioned, LG will put this flagship smartphone with 4K resolution. The reason is quite logical since this decision is connected with use of VR technology, which is embedded in the G8 ThinQ.

In addition, the 4K panel, will significantly improve the quality of the view and potentially will attract new customers looking for a smartphone with the ability to display high-quality VR content. Therefore, it is a bold innovation, which will be made by LG.

However, the LG decision on the inclusion of the 4K screen of LG ThinQ G8 is also not separated from the marketing strategy, because competitors will not stand still. Obviously, Samsung Galaxy S10 will be competing with LG ThinQ V40.

Появились новые рендеры телефона LG G8 ThinQ

Появились новые рендеры телефона LG G8 ThinQ