There are victims: in Melitopol train crushed the car

Есть жертвы: в Мелитополе поезд раздавил легковушку

Became aware of the fact that under the Melitopol train crashed into a passenger car. As a result, there are dead.

Thus, it is reported that the incident occurred on Friday, June 5. At a railway crossing, which is located near the village Rich, there was a serious incident with casualties.

The train with passengers rammed a car VAZ, in which there were passengers. The impact was so strong that the transport flew off to the side, and rolled onto the roof. As a result, 41-year-old man who was driving, died on the spot. As a passenger, which is 25 years old, was urgently hospitalized in a medical institution.

The causes of the accident with tragic consequences are still set by the law enforcement officers who arrived at the scene. Upon road accident criminal case, and it is worth noting, however, that at the crossing had no barrier, but there is a traffic light.

It is likely that the fault on the driver of the car, who apparently thought I would have time to drive, but it did not happen as thought. Unfortunately, did not, and instantly paid for it.

The police asks to address by phone number 095-687-57-67, 098-987-94-44, or 102, if you know something.