There is a new confirmation of the development of the Core Microsoft OS

Появились новые подтверждения разработки Microsoft Core OS

In may it is expected the annual Microsoft Build developer conference, but now there is a new leak which confirms the plans for the Windows Core OS (WCOS). Company, yet nothing is said about the system publicly, but the fact of the existence and development is no longer in doubt.

People familiar with the “internal kitchen” of Microsoft, talking about a modular system for different form factors. That is, at its basis will be created build a PC, dual-screen device, the Xbox One headset, and even Mixed Reality. In particular, according to the different graphic environments for each system.

A post on LinkedIn, the company said it is working on “innovative technologies” based on Windows Core OS for devices of mixed reality. In addition, recently in the Microsoft store was seen a test version of GameCore on the basis of the Core Windows OS. This engine will allow to create a universal game for all devices based on this system. However, GameCore is planned as an option, not as mandatory development environment.

Microsoft has said that Windows Core OS will be a productive system with modern code and no regressions. Although this OS is unlikely to replace the traditional “top ten” or 10 X Windows, it might become an addition for her.