There is a new version of the 6-million bribe Sytnik and Golodnitsky, media

Появилась новая версия 6-миллионной взятки Сытнику и Холодницкому, - СМИ

Director of the NABU Artem Sytnik, together with the “secret agent” Evgeny Shevchenko tried to hit the head of SAP nazara Holodnitsky using the case of a record bribe of $6 million for closure of the proceedings against the former head of the Ministry of ecology Nikolay Zlochevsky.

He notes that the plan, which allegedly was invented by the head of the PP Andrey Ermak to put at the head of his SAP of a man of the people’s Deputy Sergey Ionushas failed. In this case, the proceedings against Zlochevsky not even untried NABOO, as has long been controlled by the SBU.

Mykola Zlochevsky

Note that the high-profile case of the arrest record bribe shook the country on 12 June. However, according to Boiko, Shevchenko actually is not an agent of NABOO, and involved in corruption schemes. And it was his part in the arrest of the Deputy of the State tax service of Kiev Nikolay Ilyashenko on a bribe of $6 million indicates the “staged theatre”.

“The purpose of the visit Shevchenko Ilyashenko was a recording of conversations between “a secret agent of the NABOO “and the tax collector for the subsequent compromise of Holodnitsky. The fact that the term of office of the head of the SAP ends in November, but Andrey Ermak decided not to wait for Holodnitsky will leave the position naturally, but instructed Venediktova to expel the Holodnitsky and appoint acting head of SAP people’s Deputy Sergei Ionushas. To denigrate the Holodnitsky and to expel him from the Prosecutor’s office, Sytnik and decided to exile Shevchenko Ilyashenko (who, on behalf Zlochevsky has previously donated the money to the NABU), charging Shevchenko to start a conversation about a possible bribe Golodnitsky and the conversation record and transmit to the Office of the President”, – said the journalist.

The same information confirmed by sources OBOZREVATEL in law enforcement. Boyko argues that in order to disguise the connection Shevchenko Sytnyk, in the criminal proceedings, he appears as “Kharchenko, R. B.,” since there is alleged threat to his life and safety as the “accuser of corruption.”

The journalist claims that all communication Shevchenko with Ilyashenko was on the phone to legally record calls.

“During the telephone communication Ilyashenko said that there are people who are willing to pay $ 2 million for the closure of the case or, at the very least $ 1 million, if the Prosecutor changes the jurisdiction and refer the criminal proceedings of the NABOO in the National police. While Ilyashenko and even sent a text message with a production number over the closing of which unnamed persons were willing to pay,” – says the journalist.

According to him, the next step was to create the appearance that the initiator of a bribe is a Golodnitsky, not Ilyashenko.

“The next day, June 2, “the secret agent NABOO” called Ilyashenko and (of course, for the record) said that he refuses to give a bribe because the amount is too small. Started bidding. A few hours Ilyashenko called Shevchenko said that the stakeholders are willing to increase the fee and to pay for the closure of criminal proceedings $ 5 million. But the family name of Golodnitsky Ilyashenko stubbornly not called, although Shevchenko said that everything will be decided by the Prosecutor. But Ilyashenko, who believed in the omnipotence Sytnyk and Kaluzinski, always recalled the names of these worthy people, offering to transfer the money to them, as he did the previous times,” – said Boyko.

He noted that the provocation against the Holodnitsky fell apart, so Rush had nothing to do, how to advise the head of SAP that people Zlochevsky ready in Shevchenko to give a bribe for the closure of criminal proceedings, the materials in which the NAB didn’t see it because they are in the SBU.

“Holodnitsky, who is well aware that Shevchenko is a provocateur, instead of having to register a criminal case against Kaluzinski and Shevchenko on the grounds of article 370 of the criminal code of Ukraine, agreed to take part in the “successful operation of NABOO” and allowed 3 June 2020 to be registered in ERDR, a criminal proceedings №52020000000000362 on signs of part 4 of article 369 of the criminal code of Ukraine (offer, promise or giving undue advantage to an official)”, – the journalist added.

The journalist explains that the actions of law enforcement fall under article 370 of the Criminal code of Ukraine “Provocation of bribery”. Therefore, under current law, Sytnik, Holodnitsky and Shevchenko should be punished, and the detainees givers would need to immediately let go.

Article 370 of the Criminal code

Появилась новая версия 6-миллионной взятки Сытнику и Холодницкому, - СМИ

Появилась новая версия 6-миллионной взятки Сытнику и Холодницкому, - СМИ

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