There is no garage – no car: new Russian initiative may ban the purchase of cars without Parking amsta

Нет гаража - нет машины: новая российская инициатива может запретить покупку авто без парковочного емста

In the state Duma received another proposal is to ban Russians to buy a car, without room for Parking.

In other words, the one who decided to buy the car must be owned or leased a garage, Parking space or a private house with a yard.

The initiative comes from the regions. It is supported by all-Russian society of motorists and the Union of pedestrians. Motorists say that in the regions, it’s time to deploy the construction of a multilevel Parking and refer to the Soviet experience when buying a car needed a garage.

However, the Deputy of the state Duma Vladimir Lysakov, who heads the movement “Automobile Russia” considers that the adoption of such restrictions will slow the growth of the Russian automotive market.

Were sceptical about the initiative and a member of the Committee on transport and building Alexander Starovoitov, who doubts that car-Park will be able to find free space. In addition, for many, the purchase of Parking space will be impossible for economic reasons.