“There is no portrait of Putin – will be punished”: Kazarin laid out on the shelves “Patriotic” Russians

''Нет портрета Путина - накажут'': Казарин разложил по полочках ''патриотизм'' россиян

In modern Russian patriotism not worship President Vladimir Putin is simply impossible. Moreover, people who do not show bigotry the leader of the aggressor country, even risking to be punished.

About this article for “Crimea. Realities” wrote Ukrainian journalist Pavel Kazarin, noting that the current Kremlin regime considers inadmissible such attitudes.

“In Russia it is impossible to love a country in isolation from the state. Any patriotism is punishable – if under its influence you don’t hang in the office of a portrait of Vladimir Putin. The annexation of the Crimea were committed by different people. Some wanted posts, others revenge, others of money. There was also a fourth – those who dreamed of changing the flags will be history on the development, progress and social justice. But they ended up behind the happened changes. If this sounds like a surprise, only for those who do not know what is in the Russian Vertikal” – he says.

Kazarin noted that when the illegitimate head of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin said that Putin is Russia, he wasn’t kidding. Because in modern Russia abstract the impossible patriotism is the only valid one which is sanctioned and approved and the system.

“Moreover, the question is not even what slogans you chant, and under what flag you do it. If you are holding banners with the President, is allowed to offer you any heresy. For example, push products with a bulldozer or prohibit foreign adoption. Conversely, if you think the patriotism – the content, not the form, then the state machine takes you to the pencil. Because the principle of Louis XIV has not been canceled – to love the Fatherland only addressing your feelings to the one who stands on the top of the food chain,” – says Kazarin.

The journalist drew attention to the fact that the Russian system is discarded not only those who believe in the European future of the country. Therefore, Imperial attitudes, anti-Westernism and the belief in “clamps” in the same way are not a guarantee of a career. A key factor for the Kremlin is the consistency.

“You have to believe in the Empire, and in the vertical. Not in Russia, and in its leadership. Any attempt to walk in the foot – offense. Any claim to “minority report” – even more so. Because the Russian state system need not sincere – she needs devotees. Ready to March in formation, sing in chorus, in a unanimous rush to vote for any initiative from above. She doesn’t need those who point out the weaknesses, proposed improvements, has the support in the lower ranks. Russian trend is “Akaky”, which can be shuffled without any particular problems,” – explains the logic of thinking of the Putin regime Kazarin.

Summing up, he stressed that any Russian who disagrees with the role of a cog in the machine for reproduction of loyalty, doomed to be “leaving nature”. Because under the dictatorship of the absence of an opinion is the main advantage of in summary.

“For Moscow, the only form of loyalty is absolute. The extent of your patriotism is not a matter of sincerity is allowed only in case if we are talking about stupidity. In all other situations this quality is superfluous. Sometimes even the harmful. And certainly dangerous. At least for the media”, – concluded the journalist.