There was a video flooded after the rain of the streets of Zaporozhye, on which are floating cars

Several streets of Zaporozhye was flooded with a water layer of a few tens of centimetres after the heavy rains that struck the city.

“The road was severely flooded outside of School. Cars driving very slowly, the puddle is very deep. The flood on the dam in the area of Pushkin. In the direction of the Festival now does not pass, the huge stopper was formed. Cars stand in puddles and can’t go. Due to the heavy shower had shut off the lights. Near Angolenko already happened accident”, – stated in the message.

So, Voznesenovskaya under the bridge in the puddle was full of passengers of the minibus. People in the flooded transport had to wait for rescuers to evacuate in many areas of the city due to weather conditions, traffic jam.

In addition, impounded located in basements and on ground floors of the institution. The network has posted some video of the flooding:

Video: YouTube / “Into The City.Zaporozhye”.

Video: YouTube / the public Press

Video: YouTube / “The First In Zaporizhia”

Including, flooding of the bus:

Video: YouTube / “The First In Zaporizhia”