There was a video wait near Odessa, where police detained the car thief of a motorcycle

Появилось видео погоди под Одессой, где патрульные задержали угонщика мотоцикла

Patrol Odessa and Nikolaev detained the man who probably stole the bike, and beat the owner.

“Yesterday, about 22 hours, the Nikolaev patrol received the call: an unidentified man caused the injuries to the Complainant, took possession of his Kawasaki motorcycle and drove away in an unknown direction. The man said that the striker may have a device for shooting rubber bullets”, – stated in the message.

Later specified the motorcycle according to the orientation found on the highway M-14 “Odessa – Melitopol – Novoazovsk” in the direction of Odessa. During the subsequent prosecution of the offender did not respond to requests to stop and only increased the speed of the motorcycle Kawasaki.

It is noted that in an attempt to avoid prosecution, the offender has made collision with the official car of the patrol and continued to move. Subsequently, the prosecution joined the Odessa colleagues.

“The joint efforts of the patrol of the Odessa and Nikolaev the man was detained on a stationary post “Tsentrolit”. On a scene caused it is investigative-operational group”, – says the press service.

At the moment, 26-year-old hijacker detained in order St. 208 criminal procedure code “the Detention by a duly authorized officer”. On the specified fact initiated criminal proceedings under part 2 St. 289 “Illegal taking vehicle” of the criminal code.