There was interesting details about the game Diablo from Blizzard IV

Появились интересные детали об игре Diablo IV от Blizzard

On Friday, November 1, Blizzard Studio has planned the announcement of Diablo IV. Note, this day will start a large-scale event BlizzCon 2019 and before the presentation of the network appeared new details about the game.

What’s new in the game? The fourth part of the popular slasher will move away from the cartoony Diablo III and return to darkness Diablo II, reports GamesRadar.

The developers of Diablo IV promise rotten plague the city, the real color of blood, open locations with lots of corpses, destruction, atmosphere of desolation and foreboding dungeons.

Characters. In addition, Diablo IV characters will be able to move not only on foot but also on horses and other mounts. Add more interaction with the environment, so the character will be able to climb the rock and do many similar things.

The trailer for the game Diablo IV – watch video

Diablo IV will definitely be three classes: barbarian with swords, axes and Mace, mage with the elements of fire, lightning and ice, and the druid with the transformation into a bear and weather control. The main boss of the fourth part should be Lilith – the Queen of the succubus and the daughter of Mephisto.

Date of the announcement. A full announcement of Diablo IV is expected on Friday, November 1, the first day of the conference BlizzCon 2019.

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