There were “big” Hyundai Creta in the new body

Появилась «большая» Hyundai Creta в новом кузове

The company is preparing to enter the market extended budget SUV in a new generation. The test instance has got to lenses of cameras of fotospornos. The novelty managed to shoot under the test in South Korea.

The pictures showed that the SUV is not easy stretched wheelbase. The rear overhang is also increased, and to emphasize the changes, the designers decided to place on the rapids of a silver lining.

Special attention was drawn to feed the car: the rear lights look very unusual. If the earlier two-level optics placed in front, then extended Cretu solution was applied to the back. Now lights is led bracket, emphasizing the dimensions of the body. To sell Hyundai Grand 7 places planned in the first quarter of 2021. Target market – India.

According to preliminary information stretched Creta’ll get the engine range from the standard SUV: 1.5 atmospheric, 1.4 T-GDI and CRDi 1.5. All engines agregation a CVT, and for the turbo engine provided the robot with double clutch. Diesel is equipped with automatic transmission. All-wheel drive Crete-7 seats will not.

The interior of the Koreans will make it easier as possible. In the cabin are vertical air vents, front panel of original design and multimedia with touch. To the steering wheel, the designers managed to touch.

The unit climate control is implemented in a standard manner: the washers and button on the sensor is out of the question. By the way, the virtual dashboard from a seven-seater Hyundai Creta will not.

Появилась «большая» Hyundai Creta в новом кузове

Появилась «большая» Hyundai Creta в новом кузове