There were descendants of Mona Lisa

Нашлись потомки Моны Лизы

Olga Kepinska

“I Am Natalia Strozzi. I – Irina Strozzi. We are the last living descendants of the Mona Lisa”

Sisters Strozzi call themselves the direct descendants of one of the most recognizable women in history.

But in the person of Mona Lisa no less puzzles than in her smile. Critics for centuries have tried to figure out who in fact Leonardo da Vinci wrote his Mona Lisa.

Some believe that the image is fictional, the other is a self-portrait of the artist, and the third theory is the Muse of Italian was the wife of a silk merchant from Florence.

My grandmother always talked about one of her [Mona Lisa] relationship. But we never attach much importance. Until then, while our friend, the historian Domenico Savini decided to explore our archives. And as it turned out, we really descendants of one of the most famous women in the world“- says one of the sisters Strozzi.

The Strozzi family, an ancient noble family of Florence during the Renaissance compare with its power could only Medici. But fame Strozzi bring the Muse to da Vinci.

Her real name is Lisa Gherardini del Giocondo, she was the wife of Francesco del Giocondo, who at that time, as we are now told, was engaged in the business“- adds Irina Strozzi.

Professor of art history from the University of Florence EW Hatfield, who devoted the work of da Vinci 15 years, agreed with the statement sisters Strozzi and noted that they can confidently consider themselves descendants of the Mona Lisa.

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