“There’s a disaster!” Terrorists “LNR” issued a new horror story about Ukraine

''Там катастрофа!'' Террористы ''ЛНР'' выдали новую страшилку об Украине

The inhabitants of the occupied part of the Luhansk region terrorists of “LNR” are intimidated by the epidemic and urged not to leave the “Republic”.

“Minister of health” Natalia Pashchenko stated that you need to limit contact with people living outside the self-proclaimed Republic, RIA “Novosti”.

“Now controlled by the armed forces of Ukraine the territory of unfavorable epidemiological situation for SARS and measles virus, and viral hepatitis. 70% of the inhabitants of “LNR” visit the territory of Ukraine. They can be a source of infection to bring the infection, perhaps, in “LNR”, to infect their loved ones,” said he.

Also the representative “national militia of LNR” Andrey Marochko intimidated by the message “about the catastrophic situation in the armed forces of Ukraine servicemen on the incidence of hepatitis”.

“The most dangerous situation is in the 54th mechanized brigade, located in the area of operations of the combined forces (EP) in the Donbas. As of January 25, the diagnosis of “viral hepatitis a” is confirmed at 120 brigade soldiers, of which 30 are in hospital,” – said the terrorist.