These 4 important steps when preparing your car for autumn

Названы 4 важных действия при подготовке автомобиля к осени

Autumn is already near. So, it’s time to start preparing for the rainy season and dirt roads. Prepared vehicle will help you to much more comfortable feel when driving in cloudy and bad weather.

Replaceable windshield wipers

Before you begin serious work on the vehicle is to replace the wipers. Most likely, those that are on your “swallow”, gum, over the summer, has already greatly fray from constant contact with sand. Therefore, it is better to install a new set, as in rainy season you will have to use them regularly and it is best to brush cleaned the glass without streaks of dirt.

Hide scratches and abrasions

If the bodywork of your car has damage to the paint, the best way to repair before the cold weather. To repair minor damages you can use special pencils-correctors. They are sold directly under the body color of your vehicle and therefore filled damages become almost imperceptible.


Before the onset of winter should do routine maintenance to the car. It is necessary to replace not only the oil, but to check the filters and also do the alignment, as the drive along the country roads in summer could bring down the installation angles of the wheels. Not be amiss to upgrade corrosion-resistant coating concealed, and at the same time check the condition of the bottom of the car.

Treatment body and glass

Another mandatory procedure before the onset of autumn can be called a coating machine hydrophobic compounds. On the body you can apply a Polish, and Lobovyk and side mirrors waterproof. Such actions will significantly reduce the rate of contamination of the vehicle and will be less likely to stop off at the sink.