These celebrities are still suspected of staging their deaths

Denial is the first stage of the adoption of the sad news.

No wonder fans world celebrities tend to find the arguments in favor of his point of view. Today we will tell you about three of the conspiracy theories about the death of the idols of millions.

Princess Diana

After the tragic death of lady Di conspiracy theorists and simply not indifferent people continue to build a variety of hypotheses about its demise. What are the arguments they bring?

In staging the death of Diana interested in Prince Charles, who could not marry Camilla until the Princess was alive.

The Royal family didn’t approve of relationship of lady Di and Dodi fieedom, so decided to “get rid” of her.

Diana’s life was threatened because of what she was forced to fake his own death, and then to have cosmetic surgery and change the color of the hair.

Elvis Presley

The sudden death of the king of rock ‘ n ‘ roll in 1977 from an overdose of medication has generated a lot of rumors that it could be staged.

According to some conspiracy theorists, Elvis is tired of the fame and crazed fans and ran off to Bermuda. According to another version, the singer now living out their days in a nursing home in East Texas.

Michael Jackson

Like Elvis Presley, the king of pop died of a drug overdose in 2009, but his loyal fans still believe that he is alive.

As a motive to fake his own death fans believe large debts, tarnished reputation due to allegations of pedophilia and poor health, which did not allow Jackson to be as active as before.

In addition, in 2016, Michael allegedly found on a selfie his daughter Paris. Fans of the singer felt that in this photo he is hiding in the back seat of a car, hiding behind the clothes.