These diseases to fly the aircraft can not

С этими болезнями летать на самолете нельзя

In terms of air travel even healthy passengers feel unwell. This is due to changes in pressure, a closed space and sitting position. “Rambler” tells what diseases you can’t fly on airplanes.

Cardiovascular disease

This applies to hypertensive and hypotensive, and those who have unstable blood pressure. During the flight, these people are at risk, as during take-off and landing the pressure in the plane is unstable, which greatly affects the person. This rule also applies to people with unstable heart rhythms, such as those who suffer from arrhythmia. It is also not advisable to fly for those who have long suffered a heart attack or stroke.


During the flight for a long time we are in the same position. Those who fly economy class are forced to sit for a long time, and yet these people have nowhere to stretch your legs. This situation may occur stagnation of blood in the veins, with thrombosis. People with a tendency to this disease should avoid flights or to wear a special compression bandage.

Respiratory diseases

The air in airplane is very dry and cold, and the oxygen circulates only inside the Board, so if a person has asthma, pneumonia, or elevated pulmonary pressure, it is better to abandon the flight and to wait out the worsening of the disease. Or take it off as quickly as possible.

Mental illness

According to statistics, 80% of all people ever to fly on a plane, suffer from aerophobia. In some cases, panic attacks on Board happen because of the fear of heights or confined spaces. So if you suffer certain types of mental disorders, better prepare yourself for flight in the form of a sedative. Some people simply avoid flights out of fear.