These five signs of the Zodiac in 2019 will become parents

Эти пять знаков Зодиака в 2019-м станут родителями

Astrologers believe that with high probability this year will be the parents of these five signs of the Zodiac.


2019 will be for zodiac sign year of tremendous change and accomplishment of plans. Therefore, all of the hidden Aries will come true, especially if they have been planning to increase our family. Stars, promising in the year of the Pig, the strengthening of family ties, to encourage them in this.


Astrologers are unanimous that 2019 for representatives of this sign will be one of the best. They will feel a sense of peace and tranquility, which they lacked last year. A positive attitude will draw in their love lives: single family will find happiness and will feel the joy of being parents. Those who are already married, the stars also promise the birth of a baby that will contribute to the revival in the marital relationship past romance.


In 2019, this sign may experience minor troubles in all spheres of life but love. The fact that in the year of the Pig to Cancers will be a very positive Venus, which will attract into their life the comfort of home, warm feeling and the birth of children. Thanks to her diligence and Cancers will become happy parents this year.


The year of the Pig will bring this sign of peace, harmonious relationships, freedom and peace. For those who are already married, this year will make it more sturdy. Free from family ties, Libra will be able to find your destiny and have offspring. The chances to become parents in 2019, the representatives of this zodiacal constellation is very high.


This year at this sign there is a high probability how to create a family and to become parents. Promote this is not only the hostess of the year – the Mumps, but the planet Jupiter, under the protection of which will be this sign. By the way, a combination of Pigs and Jupiter contributes to the birth of Capricorn girls.