These four smell of a man dangerous to ignore

Эти четыре запаха человека опасно игнорировать

Unpleasant smell from a person can sometimes indicate serious health problems.

Portal “Magicforum” called 4 special smell that is dangerous to ignore.

Fruity breath. According to Dr. Robert Gabbay of the Joslin diabetes center at Harvard University, to ignore the so-called “fruity breath” is impossible, because it can talk about the emergence of diabetic ketoacidosis. With this complication in the body significantly decreases the concentration of insulin and increased glucose. The doctor noted that “in some cases, it can lead to death.”

Bad breath in the morning. It would seem that normal – not too fresh “scent” out of his mouth after waking up. But scientists warn that if a person follows the oral hygiene and regularly brushing his teeth, cause bad smell can be undiagnosed sleep apnea. This disorder is characterized by interruption of breathing during sleep and loss of oxygen to the brain. Ignoring sleep apnea is dangerous for life, it threatens the person with stroke.

Changed the smell of urine or feces. The sharp deterioration in the odor of feces and urine should also be alerted. Became much more unpleasant odor of the stool can be a sign of lactose intolerance, digestive problems, and cancer processes. Change in smell of urine indicate a possible urinary tract infection, kidney stones, diabetes, cancer.

The smell of feet. Factor strong foot odor can be bacteria and fungi on the skin and toes, says dermatologist Cameron Rokhsar from the new York the mount Sinai hospital. If the infected leg to scratch and then touch other parts of the body, the stench can be implemented in these areas.