These home remedies will quickly erase bad toothache

Эти домашние средства быстро уймут сильную зубную боль

Experts have called handy tools, which will help to cope with the tooth pain, if the hand was not the pills, or you do not want once again to take them.

It so happens that tooth pain occurs when you do not expect and do not have at hand any pain. Use home remedies, some of which are in every home.


Is that “neck of the tooth” (a place covered by gums) is exposed, the tooth becomes very sensitive to high and low temperatures. Because of this, there may be a sharp pain. In this case, it is helpful for the application of toothpaste on the tooth neck. The fluoride in the paste for a short time forms a protective coating around the teeth and prevent the transmission of stimuli to the nerve.

Essential oils

Oil of clove and tea tree have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect. To relieve pain, you need to apply a little oil on a cotton swab, and then on the affected area. If using cloves, it is possible carefully to chew, but not swallow.


Warm water with salt is, perhaps, the easiest saline solution, which disinfects and relieves stress. For its preparation it is enough to add a whole teaspoon of salt in a glass of water and rinse your mouth with a solution.

The vegetable produces anti-inflammatory effect that can help with toothache. Archery can make a poultice: chop the onion finely, place it into the cloth and make a compress, pressed against the cheek for 15 minutes. But if there are no problems with the taste, then slice the onions slowly start to chew.