These nine things strongly excite a man

Эти девять мелочей сильно возбуждают мужчину

In life so many amazing moments – it is necessary to learn how to catch them.

Enough fleeting gesture, a slight smile, unexpected angle – and op, love mentally “photographed” this little miracle.

1. You gently hug, and he understands clearly that you do not have… panties. Wonderful feeling when you are in one step from cuddling without any clothes on. So well at this point to bury him in the neck and samurcay. You should have seen his face… Mmm, the pleasure itself.

2. Morning. You just woke up and decided sweetly to stretch, he arched his back… And he was already fantasizing how you will bend it when you’re at the peak of pleasure.

3. You woke up, washed up, got dressed, kissed the beloved and flew on business, and in your bed preserved your scent. You know what he will do, when you close the door behind you? Plyuhnetsya into bed, hug your pillow will smell your hair.

4. You decide to scratch your leg or back and under the blanket your hand was quite close with his “bikini area”. Very, very close.

5. You urgently needed the phone book or are you puzzled by finding the TV remote, so hung for a moment from the bed, and he is delighted with the opened view of your butt.

6. The house quiet, the lights are off, you are going to sleep, and, lying on his side, gently rested his buttocks him in the groin.

7. You wrapped “croissant” in a blanket and RUB her hands folded under his cheek. Don’t be surprised if you Wake up because your favorite staring at you with an absolutely wonderful smile. In the same way men look at only the firstborn born or… welcome the car in the showroom.

8. You came back from the bathroom in a towel around the body. And all the world for a loved one stopped for a while, until you open the towel, underwear, stockings, a blouse, a skirt… Well, what if he’s watching the miracle of your dressing, completely late to the office. I will say that stuck in traffic.

9. Cleaning of the apartment. Corny? But not for him. After all, you are in the process of guidance marafeta then lift something from the floor, and he looks you in the neck, or you’re reaching for the top shelf, making the robe jumps so high… No wonder he’s always so long vacuuming. Use. Just smile at her “Director”. Whether still will be!