These products are not worse aphrodisiacs: just enjoy the taste and effect

Эти продукты не хуже афродизиаков: просто насладитесь вкусом и эффектом

You know very well about the foods that increase sexual desire – aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiacs for men and women is two different set of products. And if there is any doubt that food is a real pleasure, then we will prove you the opposite! About products that can improve sex life, told on the website

We don’t know what they ate Casanova or Monroe, but we know for certain that the attractiveness of the opposite sex is growing significantly, if you eat the right foods. Unveil the curtain of secrecy and tell you about the foods that can improve your sex life.

Foods that enhance your sex life

Kiwi. This rich vitamin C fruit improves desire and libido.

Pumpkin. In the midst of the season, the pumpkin will delight taste and smell, as well as prostimulirujte your hormone estrogen. And they say that people who use the pumpkin for food, never a headache. Ready to check out?

Med. He is so sweet that… it’s time to stock them in store, because he still contributes to changes in hormonal levels. Besides the delicious honey!

Watermelon. If a man will regularly eat watermelon – it will not have problems with potency. Here can be a small problem with the kidneys, for this reason it is better not to get involved!

Strawberries. This delicious berry is one of the most stimulating libido berries on the planet. Eat nicely and sugar-free, and will you both happiness.

Carnation. We advise you not to drink before intimacy, but if you really really want – there’s good news: it is possible to combine business with pleasure and add cloves in the mulled wine. Romantic, and conducive to sex!

Эти продукты не хуже афродизиаков: просто насладитесь вкусом и эффектом