These products are surely going to ruin your sex

Эти продукты наверняка испортят ваш интим

The desire of intimacy affects not only liking “the hot handsome” and mercury retrograde (just kidding!), but even then, what did you have for Breakfast.

So many nuances with this sexual life! It so happens that the bad sex men blamed on fatigue, stress, or just reluctance.

Open you a secret of the Universe, but on the desire or unwillingness to have sex is also affected by the foods we eat every day.

Fast food

If you date before you ate heavy food-type nuggets, French fries and fastened it ice cream, it is unlikely that you will spend a stormy night. So choose either good sex, or another portion of the Burger.

Cheeses, for example, have a positive effect on sexual life. But their frequent use can change the hormonal balance. This product can slow down the process of hormone production, affecting your sex life, it’s estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. So dosiroe cheese and wine on dates.

Milk chocolate

A large number of dairy products can spoil your sexual life. And milk chocolate in this list. Better to replace it on the bitter.

Soybeans and products made with it

If you want quality sex, it is not necessary to consume these products. The reason is the phytoestrogen, which displaces testosterone and dims the brightness of thy sex.

Bean products

Although bean products are very useful because of fiber and antioxidants, but too heavy. They lead to bloating and contain phytoestrogens, which displace testosterone and soy products. It reduces libido.

Pickles and canned foods

Frequent use of these products affects the production of testosterone, which adversely affects the cardiovascular system. And decreases blood flow to the genitals. It’s not good for your sex.


This product accompanies films and uplifting. But not adjusts on a passionate sexual night.


One drink certainly won’t hurt. But if a lot of alcohol, it will have bad impact on your feelings and the pleasure you feel. Because this beverage weakens the sexual organs and creates problems with coordination of movements, the nervous system and excitation. In order to experience as much as possible, it is better not to consume alcohol.

Products from flour

The products of flour, you can often find licorice. That is glyceric acid in its composition is bad for testosterone production. If you can’t resist crusty rolls, then eat it in the morning and after sex.


It affects the stress hormone and sexual organs. Therefore it is better to refrain from fifth espresso. In addition, the adrenal glands will thank you.