These products can cause unpleasant smell of sweat

Эти продукты могут вызвать неприятный запах пота

Have you ever noticed that sweating, every time you smell different? There are a number of products which “color” sweat the most unpleasant of notes or cause our sweat glands to work in emergency mode.

Red meat

Among forbidden this product is due to the high content of amino acids. In addition, the meat is slowly digested in the stomach and hard to digest in the gut. The aroma of the body becomes very specific in 2 hours after a meat meal, and may persist, depending on the individual characteristics of the body, from a few hours to a couple weeks. Want to smell like a may rose, reduce the amount in your diet to two times a week.

Curry and garlic

  1. Unfortunately, the aromatic molecules of garlic and such spices as curry, thyme, and cumin, the digestion emit sulfur gases that are excreted through the skin, giving it an unpleasant smell for a few days. Lasting effect provokes even a tiny pinch added to food. Alternative to these ingredients can be ginger, galangal or cardamom – they also give food the edge off, but leave a pleasant fresh scent.

Various types of cabbage

Broccoli, cauliflower and even cabbage in addition to the usual nutrients are rich in sulfur and antioxidants – they are responsible for the appearance of a sharp odor. Partially to extinguish such an unpleasant side effect with heat treatment – it will eliminate some responsible for the smell of a substance. Another way is to season the dishes of cabbage coriander or turmeric. This will soften the unpleasant odor.


Tasty, healthy and low – calorie- like solid pros! But the dishes from this plant leave not only a delicious aftertaste, but the odor of sweat.


Giving the dish a spicy bitterness, he is, alas, becoming also the cause of bad breath in our body. The thing in essential oils that are released in the process of digestion. One of the ways of neutralization of the “enemy” – scald the sliced product with boiling water, but then with an unpleasant odor and you will get rid of the lion’s share of nutrients.

Foods high in fiber

The benefits of bran, the cereal and granola written many books. They normalize the work of our digestive system gives us energy. But consuming more than 5 grams of fiber at once causes the formation of gases (hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane), which inevitably affects the smell of our sweat. The antidote in this case can be water. It is able to neutralize such an unpleasant effect from the digestion of fiber.


Caffeine not only stimulates our Central nervous system, but also activates the sweat glands. The load to vigor you get a sharp smell of sweat, and even bargain bad breath. The fact that coffee as an absorbent dry mouth and lack of saliva, bacteria multiply faster, which makes breathing stale. The only options to get rid of all of the above is to change food habits. Go to the chicory or herbal tea.