These products cause cancer: oncologist said about bad food

Эти продукты вызывают рак: онколог рассказал о вредной еде

Oncologist Alexander Mason stated that the use of some products may cause cancer. Reports the doctor commented on a recent study of physicians from the USA, who found that very hot food cause cancer of the esophagus.

In addition, they found that the development of cancer can provoke frequent consumption of coffee and red meat. However, the oncologist believes that such studies need to be confirmed. The results of this study still does not indicate that all people should give up meat and coffee. The doctor said that eating hot food can actually cause the development of cancer. “The probability of occurrence of esophageal cancer in people who consume extremely hot food or drinks, do increases,” – said the doctor.

In addition, he warned that the risk of cancer increases in unborn children whose mothers abuse wine and green tea. The antioxidants in these drinks lead to the development of leukemia. However, according to the specialist, a balanced diet is all the products, just need to find a middle ground.