These products enhance the potency after 50 years

Эти продукты усиливают потенцию после 50 лет

Various articles about the potency has already been written a lot. And how to cope with this common ailment, too, there are lots of different ways. But as they say prevention is better to prevent so men just need to include in your diet liver, tongue, tripe, brain, and even the udder.

About it write rossm.

On the human body now affects not only a bad environment, but also the abuse of harmful products, and of course bad habits. Nutritionists talked about the fact that every body which we eat, there are lots of useful properties. But the most useful they consider beef heart. Beef heart is a storehouse of magnesium and coenzyme Q10.

“Magnesium and coenzyme Q10 restores oxidation reactions at the cellular level, they also help to improve metabolism, make stronger the heart muscle, to tone the muscles, improve the body’s resistance to various viruses and also slow the aging process,” – said the nutritionist.

Men just need to consume the liver. It is very rich in vitamins and it is present in zinc, which exerts its beneficial effect on the potency and reproductive function.

But abuse of course is absolutely not worth these products, as they are also a lot of nutrients, there is also cholesterol which as many know, can harm the circulatory system.