These products make our kidneys healthy

Эти продукты делают наши почки здоровыми

In summer, the abundance you receive a lot of berries. One of the most popular are watermelons and melons, which contain a lot of fluids, nutrients, and so are useful for the work of the kidneys. Let’s focus on them more.


Helpful for kidney, because it contains water and has a pronounced diuretic effect. Doctors recommend output using watermelon the sand. To do this in the morning on an empty stomach to eat a half to two pounds of the pulp of watermelon. Small crystals should be out in less than a week. In addition, berry displays the body of excess bile and cholesterol, and helps reduce inflammation. Watermelon is folic acid which is necessary for the formation of new blood cells and maintaining immunity at the proper level, which is associated with the generation of new leukocytic cells.


Bocheva culture is characterized by the fact that in its composition there are important features of the kidneys:

· vitamins B2, B6, B9, C, E;

· Pantothenic and nicotinic acid;

· rich mineral complex;

· a lot of water;

· serotonin.

Eating a melon, you can lighten the mood and to cope better with stress. Vitamin and mineral kit will help to strengthen the kidney vessels and improve the body’s defense mechanisms. Cantaloupe as well as watermelon and stimulates the strengthening of the excretory capacity of the kidneys, however, the diuretic effect is somewhat weaker. However, this does not prevent the melon to facilitate removal of harmful substances from the body.

Thanks to these beneficial properties, frequent consumption of watermelon and melon has a positive effect on the kidneys.


To improve the functioning of the organs of the excretory system useful and other berries, for example:

1. Cranberry has strong antibacterial properties that helps in treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system. Its berries are full of ascorbic acid, vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and antioxidants. Regular consumption of cranberry juice cleanses the kidneys and reduces inflammation.

2. Rosehip is rich in vitamins, especially there are a lot of ascorbic acid. Infusion of berries increases the secretion of bile, increases diuresis, reduces the fragility and permeability of capillaries, strengthens the kidney blood vessels.

3. Bilberry is useful in the treatment of urolithiasis. Berries contribute to the dissolution of the various concretions that are formed in the parenchyma of the kidneys.