These products will not let you grow old: the experts have made a rating

Эти продукты не дадут вам состариться: эксперты составили рейтинг

People over 40 need to review your daily diet and choose those products that help to postpone the age-related changes. As reported the nutritionists made a rating of 6 healthy products that are considered essential for anti-aging care.

In the 1st place experts put sweet peppers. This vegetable promotes the production of collagen, because with age the body more difficult to produce collagen, because of its deficiency appear sagging skin and wrinkles. 2 place ranking is watercress. It is rich in various substances with antioxidant action. In addition, watercress prevents the development of cancer, and doctors recommend its use to smokers. Three leaders closes the papaya. This exotic fruit has a rejuvenating effect, improving skin elasticity and preventing the appearance of wrinkles. Also physicians included in the rating of the almonds, which fights age-related deterioration of the immune system. Almond is a great product for a snack.

5th place ranking shared blueberries and blueberries. These berries fight free radicals and have powerful antioxidant effect. At the last place of the ranking experts have substituted spinach, which protects the eyesight and prevents intracellular inflammation. Also an antioxidant perfectly strengthens nails and hair.