These signs of the Zodiac Gypsy hypnosis does not work

На эти знаки Зодиака цыганский гипноз не действует

The harassment of Roma women on the street, “Let me read your fortune…” some of us stop and fall under the influence of Gypsy hypnosis. He acts instantly, one only has to look the Gypsy in the eye. There is complete loss of control over critical thinking, and, as a result of voluntary return of money and jewelry.

But not all people are susceptible to Gypsy charms. There are those who attack the black-eyed cheats never operate. As a rule, the signs of the horoscope with a strong energy potential and well-developed your intuition. You are lucky if your zodiac sign is so, because the Gypsies will be difficult to change your mind and make the victim of hypnosis. What are the signs?

Scorpio (24 Oct – 21 Nov)

This is the most mystical sign of the zodiac with a powerful energy, well-developed willpower and self the gift of foresight. From birth to the Scorpion the ability to build protection from various frauds and scams, including of Roma. The thing is that the Scorpion is difficult to surprise, representatives of the sign always look confident, they have well-developed left hemisphere of the brain responsible for the ability to analyze and think logically.

Virgo (August 23 – September 23)

According to the horoscope, that is the most rational sign in the zodiac. Virgo strive for knowledge and self-development, so the Roma are difficult to attack them using a familiar scenario. Virgo – the power of your mind and erudition tend to cast doubt on any predictions. In addition, representatives of the sign I love justice in everything, so they always want to expose the Scam and not to fall for their tricks. People of this sign are difficult suggestion because it does not lose the ability to analyze information and to evaluate said even in an emotional situation.

Capricorn (22 Dec – 20 Jan)

This sign is still with the youth carefully guards his inner world from outside. Just checked and the closest Capricorn is ready to open his soul. It will not give information about yourself to anybody, but because the Roma are difficult to “hook” members sign on “phishing” details of his personal life. The closeness of Capricorn works perfectly as a confrontation between Gypsy hypnosis. And interestingly, people of this sign when meeting with the Gypsies outwardly remain calm, polite and occupy a cultural position. Even if the swindler followed by shouts, curses, they just don’t pay attention – and that Capricorns should learn.