These silly health tips believe even some doctors

В эти глупые советы для здоровья верят даже некоторые врачи

The following myths believe even some doctors, which give their patients useless advice.

In fact, medical myths, there is so much to debunk, they need a very long time. However, it would not be so hurt if they did not live a complicated life.

1. Different parts of language have different tastes

In school many of us showed a “map” of language. According to her, some zones are responsible for the perception of bitter, others sweet, others sour.

Different parts of the tongue can do a little faster or a little slower to react to particular taste, but the difference is negligible. You can now try the salt in different parts of your language and make sure where her mound, she still felt.

2. You can’t wet test

It is believed that through water, the spot may increase in size, like tuberculosis. But in fact, the injection of tuberculin is injected into the deeper layers of the skin, where the water can not penetrate.

This year the Ministry of health officially confirmed: wet Mantu – you can RUB a washcloth and a towel – no.

3. You need to drink 8 glasses of water a day

Scientists say that to calculate a single standard for all is impossible. It depends on body mass, season, physical activity and many other factors. The average person needs between 1.5 to 2.8 liters of fluid per day.

Not necessarily to drink water in its purest form. Soups, fruits, vegetables, juices, tea and coffee count too.

4. Antiviral medications help for colds

No such antivirals, which could accelerate the recovery from SARS and the common cold. Studies have proven the efficacy of some drugs in the treatment of influenza type A.

5. If you sit at the TV or reading in the dark will ruin your eyes

When we do so, our eye muscles are straining, and the mucous membrane becomes dry. The eyes do get tired. But nothing happens and the vision is not ruined by this.

6. Breakfast is mandatory

If you can’t bring yourself to eat in the mornings, it doesn’t mean you’ll get fat. Scientists from Cornell University (USA) found that people who do not eat Breakfast, in an average day you consume 400 fewer calories.

Another thing, if you Wake up hungry. Then red balanced Breakfast will help prevent overeating at lunch.

And another nice bonus: “night door” also does not prevent weight loss is important only the total calories per day.