These Zodiac signs wife go more often

От этих знаков Зодиака жены уходят чаще всего

For what I paid, not looking as good a new husband if the previous still good. But there is a category of men who are in the status of spouse no. Near them wives do not stay long. From the point of view of astrology, the data of the male signs of the Zodiac are at risk, says


Man-Virgo family-oriented, considerate lover, a caring man, tender father, a diligent earner, etc. What are these wives not enough? Enough. And even on the contrary – in abundance. Virgo around diligently right up to tediousness. With them there is a shortage of air and space. As a rule, perfect men Virgins wife run to naydennym womanizer, rakes, a brutal macho, which is very far from perfect.

But not as bad. Virgin a good marriage just need to choose the right wife. Not the one that flits through life like a butterfly, looking for adventure and appreciate all the freedom and independence. That “choke” in relations with the Virgin. He needs a wife with similar values and attitudes. If she can survive in a sterile environment, love of order and military discipline, then love and a bit boring, but such a reliable man-maid.


All offer my wife the Aquarius – a big heart in love and Paradise in a tent. He is disinterested, though very romantic, courteous and attentive. With Aquarius perfect relationship in bouquet-candy period. So to look beautiful can’t no one else. About the love of Aquarius you can compose poems and songs. Any girl want the same to continue, but already in a legal marriage. However, love is love, and the family is kept more on material things, which the Aquarius is not.

The first year or two the wife of Aquarius still fed him with love and romance and not really think about tomorrow. But he does not think and Aquarius. Him well today, he’s happy without palaces, and tomorrow we still have to live. If the wife shares this philosophy of Aquarius, the marriage can last forever. However, this rarely happens. Financial problems will grow along with children who will appear at this pair, because Aquarius believes that the main wealth – children.


Gemini – Champions in the concluded marriages and divorces. This is due to impermanence. Bored the Twins to live with one woman. Tired of all these family members, way of life and routine. For the Twins there is nothing worse than dullness and boredom. They are excellent family men, while the family has a diversity and drive, and every new day with his wife – like a first date. In this case, the man may be an example of loyalty, devotion and domesticity. Of course, to leave from this will not want. But how long it can last untouched routine the honeymoon period?

As soon as the Twins feel their life is in a rut thumb family, where any step aside is regarded as a disaster, the wife was more like eternally dissatisfied mother-in-law, and the responsibilities more than rights – status of the husband ceases to be of any value. Gemini shamelessly relieve yourself of any responsibility and or leave themselves from the family, or will behave in it so that the wife would rather have a desire to become a widow, than stay under the same roof with this shite.


Is it possible to live happily with the ever-changing and ever-jealous? Unlikely. Even the most loving, patient, and sacrificial woman can not exist in constant tension. Aries will blame her for the sins of the flesh those who are enthusiastically attached himself. Men of this sign are prone to cheating and total infidelity. Dedicated and loyal Rams rare instances, listed in the Red book. But they themselves are very intolerant of feminine treachery.

The more to persuade the RAM to the contrary, the more he will believe that cheating on him, instruct horns. Their infidelity and cheating he does not believe. From his point of view – it’s the nature of genes, the right and everything else that justify male infidelity. Compounded by the behavior of the RAM coarseness and lack of restraint. Sometimes it is nitpicking reach of despotism, and even of physical abuse. If a woman is caught it is a type of RAM, should not hope to rehabilitate him with kindness and love. Is pathological. Then you need not to leave, run without looking back.


Sagittarians are often the leaders in the ranking of singles. If they get married, for a short while. Rare the wife is able to withstand the love of freedom of Sagittarius. Not to say that he wants the freedom to edit. No. Most in mind not to change wives. Sagittarians just love to walk by themselves. They don’t really feel the difference between single and family life, therefore, continue its independent existence, forgetting that with a stamp in the passport appeared and obligations to the wife.

Archers – great fathers. It may slightly delay the departure of his wife, but hardly her self-control long enough. If the woman wanted a husband the guest, she would marry a sailor. But if Sagittarius is not a sailor by profession, his sudden and unjustified treatments in the long-running “swimming” can be a justified reason for divorce. And it is not necessary to amuse itself illusions that Sagittarius will be frightened, will take up the mind and choose a sedentary life. No. In his nature there are no “anchors”