They are easy to break: astrologers have called 4 of the most “dark” Zodiac sign

Их легко сломать: астрологи назвали 4 самых «мрачных» знака Зодиака

In the character of many different traits, making each of us individual. Astrologers have reasons to believe that in many ways their combination depends on which zodiac sign we were born. Earlier, we wrote about the most unbalanced, resentful, and dependent of them. Some people look confident, but inside you experience a personal drama, destroying ourselves and all that is created for a certain period of time. One of the signs can be attributed to the most “dark”?

1. Taurus

Taureans more than others, prone to self-destruction. They are too personally perceive what is happening and do not like criticism. From childhood they learn that do not meet certain expectations, sometimes you feel helpless and need to ask forgiveness for “everything.”

Taurus are afraid of poverty, the lack of fulfilment and loss of stability. Every step forward for them is a struggle. If there will be people that can give them faith in miracles, more responsive and active partner?

2. Fish

A dreamy Pisces with a vengeance kompensiruet their complexes. Often they do not understand their own parents, and later peers, which leaves a bad residue. Fish can contact with bad guys to disable the pesky responsibilities of the outside world. From childhood they consider themselves to be “the other”, not realizing that their uniqueness is not imposed by the society stereotypes.

Fish are afraid of the collapse of their ideals, and that creativity will not be appreciated, and the surrounding and will not be able to understand their inner world. But they, in an effort to ward off negativity and preferring to spend time alone, make life more beautiful.

3. Aries

Representatives of this sign are so confident that you are getting the most out of life. But only until it fail or, worse, will lose a faithful friend and colleague. Aries hard to survive, when deceived in their expectations, every failure stays with them for life – hence their cynicism and cruelty.

They are afraid to commit mistakes as it will undermine their authority and exclusivity. However, the UPS and downs make them improve, if you believe in them. Once broken, they are able to drop everything and start life with a clean slate.

4. Libra

For the Weights becomes crucial during adolescence, when they are faced with adult reality and have a long time to find balance in a new life. They are not so interested in the present as the past. In conflicts they prefer to hurt to keep balance.

The worst thing that can disturb the measured life of the balance, fear in General and fear of loneliness to which they tend, when they are broken. By learning to accept the unexpected circumstances as an opportunity to get new experience, they begin to cope better with discomfort and restless periods.