“They deny everything”: the Director closed the Observatory claims that the telescope didn’t see the aliens from Nibiru

James Macateer denied the rumors about the aliens, which supposedly closed the Observatory in new Mexico.

«Они всё отрицают»: Директор закрытой обсерватории утверждает, что в телескопе не видели пришельцев с Нибиру

A week passed since he locked the national Solar Observatory in Sanspot, new Mexico, during this time there people were evacuated, and part of the equipment, also a place visited by the FBI. Undisclosed “security problem” for the whole story remains a mystery to the public. There were a variety of theories about the true reasons for disconnecting from the random intercept military signals, to the inadvertently disclosed evidence of extraterrestrial life, in particular, aliens from Nibiru.Today, September 14, James Macateer, Director of closed Solar Observatory in Sanspot seem to have ruled out one of these theories. Macehiter, argues that in the telescope, scientists saw no aliens and all research data will be published, unedited. According to him, employees are not hiding anything and not kept secret.Macehiter, serving as a Professor at the University of new Mexico, explained that the researchers probably fail to detect aliens with the help of ordinary telescope, which is equipped with an Observatory, even if they tried hard enough. “Any aliens in our Universe are likely to be microbial,” said Macehiter. He also debunked other theories. According to him, no “killer solar flare” actually was not, and, as it turned out, they happen almost all the time. However, he reiterated that there are no observations of “imaginary planet” Nibiru.However, he said that has no idea why the FBI was involved in shutting down the Solar Observatory. He did not provided any documents or evidence, because it encourages trust in the intelligence agencies as the source, and not to panic ahead of time, because no threat of aliens Nibiru no.Many netizens are already discussing this information and some of them suggest that the employees of the Observatory deny everything, because the cases involved the FBI, and investigations in this case are not dangerous, as they in fact did not, after all, found the aliens recently.

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