They did not share the man of the details have surfaced enmity Pugacheva and Rotaru

Они не поделили мужчину: в сети всплыли подробности вражды Пугачевой и Ротару

The network finally told what really caused the conflict between Sofia Rotaru and Alla Pugacheva.

Alla Pugacheva and Ukrainian singer Sofia Rotaru never been a strong friendship between them. Despite the fact that all this time they were actively competing against each other. Fans could only speculate about what has become a stumbling block between the singers.

But in fact, singer never quarreled among themselves. Everything was much simpler. Just the media picked up this information and blew it to epic proportions. They do rarely appear at shows together, but it’s all about age. After all, as Pugacheva and Rotaru are over 70 years old. They so often give recitals, and the prima Donna of the Russian stage, and not so long ago gave his farewell recital. Now it focuses on the education of their two children Lisa and Harry.

Sofia Rotaru is also not good health. For this reason she rarely performs on stage.

As it turned out, Alla Pugacheva once asked journalists question why they do not communicate with Rotaru, to which she replied that never fought with a Ukrainian singer. Moreover, they from time to time call up.

This fact was a complete surprise for all fans. After all, many still believed that the singer’s sworn enemies. But in fact it was far from it. It is possible to meet their joint photo, but they were made a long time ago.