They said that the Bank is not money! Ukrainian desperate voice after the incident in Private

Они ответили, что для банка это не деньги! Украинка в отчаянии голосит после ЧП в Привате

Clients “PrivatBank” told about the helplessness in front of the speculators

Alla Semenova at the fault of the state Bank was faced with a very unpleasant and unprofitable situation. This client wrote in a testimonial on the website of the Ministry of Finance.

Internet user says that on February 11 she blocked the SIM card of Vodafone. The next morning the woman tried unsuccessfully to log in to Privat24, and then went for consultation to the Bank branch. It turned out that the client stole 29 thousand UAH, credit cards and 6 thousand social assistance for the maintenance of the nephew with a disability. In addition, the attackers tried to remove the Deposit in the amount of 129 thousand hryvnias.

It soon became clear that unknown fraudsters came into office Vodafone and made a duplicate card mobile Alla Semenova. Then went in her room “Privat 24” and easily created a new password to login.

“Why is it so easy to change the password, without any call to employee “Private”, for example, to ask the reason for the replacement or code word??? That means if you lose your phone or have it stolen, your money is not insured in any way and the scammer they can easily translate or to pay online,” said the indignant client.

Another unpleasant moment the woman learned from the conversation with the consultant. He asked why “PrivatBank” was limited to the usual SMS with a password on your phone when removing 29 thousand on the credit card. According to Alla Semenova, the staff should have called to confirm. “They said that the Bank is not money!!!”, – said the woman.

The victim of the theft said he wrote a statement to the police. But it is not known if the law enforcement Scam. Meanwhile, the interest on the loan will be properly drip, and the victim will have to pay them. After the Bank refused to meet and to suspend the card during a criminal investigation.

The woman is very dissatisfied with the weak security system of “PrivatBank”, where anyone can phone number to change your password, log into your account and do whatever they want: “because Of your stupid security system now I suffer and my nephew is disabled? The Bank takes a huge percentage, fooling people, but not included in the position of mere mortals, for which 30 thousand hryvnia – also money! Simply withdraw the Deposit and will stop working”. In addition, Alla Semenova advised the Ukrainians to keep their money “under the pillow”.

Employees “PrivatBank” responded to a complaint of a customer: “Dear Alla! We are very sorry that You are faced with such a situation. Please specify in a personal message with Your contact details, which were left in the Bank, so we can understand this situation in more detail”.

Они ответили, что для банка это не деньги! Украинка в отчаянии голосит после ЧП в Привате

Они ответили, что для банка это не деньги! Украинка в отчаянии голосит после ЧП в Привате