Things got out of control – Britney Spears for the first time after admission has recorded a video message

Все вышло из-под контроля, – Бритни Спирс впервые после госпитализации записала видеообращение

American singer Britin Spears, who is undergoing treatment in a psychiatric clinic for the first time in a month appealed to the fans. In the network she posted a touching message, which reassured the fans and promised to soon return to normal life.

According to the 37-year-old Britney Spears, the resonance relative to its treatment is quite artificial and such excessive attention of the media and supporters just lets her recover. The star admitted that he never made statements about the termination of a vocal career, and the email is received by her team from a former Manager Sam Play, which had circulated Teikovo news.

“I wanted to tell you hi. All, as they say, is out of control. Rumor has it that my family and the team received threats, and batnuts crazy. I try to find time for yourself, but all that happens only complicates my life. Believe nothing that you hear and read. All those fake emails were created by Sam Play many years ago. I didn’t write them. He gave himself for me and communicated with my team with a fake e-mail addresses,” – said Britney Spears.

In addition, the pop artist, the return of which is waiting for thousands of fans, assured that he will soon be back on the big stage. However, Britney Spears was asked not to push her and give her privacy in order to undergo treatment.

My situation is unique. But I promise I will do all that I need right now. You may not know this about me, but I am strong and I will stand to the end for what you want. Your love and devotion is astounding, but what I need now is a little privacy to cope with all the difficulties that appeared in my life. And if you can do it, I will be very grateful
– she added.

In April, Britney Spears has appealed to the doctors of the psychiatric hospital Rehab for help. The reason for this was the emotional stress caused by illness of the father of the singer and its complex operations. Britney Spears could not quench the emotions, and therefore signed up for a course of treatment in a psychiatric hospital.

However, hospitalization of the stars was not without resonance news: mom Britney Spears said that her daughter was being held at the clinic by force. And the most publicized information about the singer plans to complete the vocal career and will never return to the stage. After that, the network panicked, and anxious fans filled the star and her family tens of thousands of messages.