Things that made our mothers don’t we

Вещи, которые делали наши мамы и не делаем мы

Sometimes it seems that we are from different planets so they are different. It took only some thirty years, and education, a way of life has changed beyond recognition. And you can’t say better or worse. Was just different.

Let’s compare modern motherhood what was a few decades ago. We found at least a dozen things that were the absolute norm, and some of them seem savagery.

Before I go to work

No, now, too, there is mom-workaholics who run on the work after a month or two of maternity leave. But they at least have a choice. But there was a time when to babysit gave only three months. Relief in the form of annual, and then the eighteen-month maternity leave came to our mothers only towards 1970. Then women were given paid sick leave sheet for 2 months before birth and two after. Then, please, stay home until years, but without content. And then go out to work, otherwise could annul the diploma.

Put on the first place independence

Soviet children called the generation “with the key on the neck”. To stay home with the kids was not accepted. And almost every Soviet first-graders (or at least second-grader) was able to come home from school, he cook their own meals and to do homework. In General, mothers raising children in the spirit of the time and ideology: “if tomorrow war”. And not worried about their children as much as modern moms. But then even mobile phones were not. However, the situation on the other.

Retrained lefties

The left-handed child was difficult to live in the Soviet era. Today it is under it ready to adapt to any industry, ranging from office to automobile. And then it was the opposite: who does not like, he adjusts to the others. This is what inspired our moms and they, most of them believe, and therefore, allowed teachers to control their children and themselves came to the point that tied the left hand of the child to the torso, so he can only write right. Ceased to retrain left-handers only in 1986.

Sheared short boys and let grow Kosy girls

Hedgehog, Boxing, poluboks. And still bald “under Kotovsk”. Here are the most popular haircuts of Soviet boys. It was still possible to make a short “under the polka” and “polka parted”.

“The unpleasant impression produced by those high school students who, in pursuit of an imaginary “fashion” are so-called stylish haircut, not even taking into account whether it is them or not, is a quote from the magazine “Family and school”. – So, some young people go overly long hair, and even curl them into thinking that it is original, and does not notice that this hairstyle gives them a sugary, doll form, makes them ridiculous.”

Wasn’t allowed to play with food

It is now all the psychologists said that a small child should be allowed to make a mess in the food. Our mom on such nonsense had no extra food, no extra time to clean up after her baby. Besides, once again, remember that your baby before going to kindergarten, and thus had to be trained to accuracy.

Could strap to punish

Or to slap. Pedagogy of corporal punishment is not very welcomed in the Union, but still practiced. At least one, after learning that the mother whipped the devil, I wouldn’t have run in the custody. The main version of the punishment was the boycott: mum wasn’t talking to the offending children. But the worst threat was the refusal to accept the pioneers.

Lived under the regime

Nursery, kindergarten, school – day regimen has received considerable attention. Everything had to be strictly by the hour and standards. And since most of the time children spent there, the house parents were advised not to violate the regulations and does not “babble” their own children.

Without disposable diapers and baby bottle warmers

Tell me who is a young mother 30 years ago that she can every time throw the described diaper, she would probably only laugh: and the cradle will not be enough to throw. Maybe that’s why modern moms they consider bezdelnitsa that just whine that it is difficult with children. For now, there are so many gadgets to help: from baby monitors to bottle sterilizer from baby chairs-rocking to washing machines-machines.

Exchanged toys in the mail

What to do if my hometown wasn’t to get? Here and searched through the cities and villages, for family and friends. From Moscow to Vladivostok sent the dice back sent the parcel with something strange in the capital.

She was treated by doctors, not the Internet

Well, first, there was the Internet, so for him to be treated. Second, Soviet medicine – the best medicine. Said the pediatrician: here’s the vaccination schedule, that means we need to be vaccinated. But if he’s some kind of additional screening is not appointed, therefore, to think of it. everything is all right.

In fact, health is, in principle, not much bother and believed in the power of plantain. Headache? The head is not the priest, tie, and lie down. And, by the way, then the diagnosis of ADHD was not simple. Were difficult children, who are now just too examined.